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There are two main support groups for taking exams and qualifications from home education. Both are allied to this wiki. Both these groups are independent of commercial interests. This means that the group owners / admin team don't have any business interest in the group. Both have strict rules about advertising and business promotion on the group. In general, all members are home-educating parents or 'retired' home educators, and if they post promoting their own businesses, eg tutoring, they are only allowed to do so at certain times and if being transparent about their commercial interests.

There are a number of other Facebook groups including subject-specific support groups, and support groups set up eg by some distance learning providers. You can ask about these on the main Facebook exams group.  

Home Education UK Exams and Alternatives Facebook Group

This is a 'closed' Facebook group, which means that you can only see posts if you are a member, so your Facebook friends will only see your comments on the group if they are members too.  

When you apply to join you will be directed to some questions and you can't be approved until these have been answered.   

Visit the Home Education UK Exams and Alternatives Facebook Group

  If you have any trouble joining, want to post an anonymous question, or have any queries about the group rules, you can contact the admin team via the HE Exams Admin Team page.      

 HE - Exams Email Group

The HE-Exams email group was hosted by Yahoogroups from around 2007 and has now moved to Groups.io .

You can join with any email address, and you can receive messages either as emails, or you can log into the group web page to read messages.

Joining instructions:

1. Click this link: https://groups.io/g/HE-Exams

   2.  Enter the email address you want to join under.  You can use whichever email address you prefer, or if you want to read messages on the website just use your regular email address. Once you've entered your email address, you click a button which asks you to confirm.

3. The next page says: To change your delivery and subscription options, or to unsubscribe, click the Subscription Options bar below. This is where you can change from emails to web-only or Digest.

4. Check your email for a message from Groups.io asking you to reply to confirm your email address. If you don't see this, you'll need to check your spam filter, in case your security system is over-protective! 

Look for a message from Groups.io with the Subject: "Confirm Your Groups.io Account".

Just click 'reply' to that email and you're finished.  The admins will then receive your joining request and will contact you with a few simple questions to establish that you're not a spammer.  

If you have any problems joining, or want to post an anonymous question, please email the admin team on HE-Exams+owner@groups.io