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GCSE Statistics

What AQA say: GCSE Statistics gives students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in a key component of maths that is relevant to everyday life. They’ll develop a core statistical grounding, as well as transferable skills and understanding that’s applicable to a range of other subjects. It will also benefit those progressing to other A-level subjects such as the sciences, geography and psychology.

Available Boards

AQA GCSE Statistics

Edexcel GCSE Statistics

Both are available to be taken as Foundation or Higher


Both AQA and Edexcel are examined by two papers worth 50% of the GCSE each covering the entire syllabus including the Statistical Enquiry Cycle. Both papers include short response (including multiple choice questions), medium response questions and extended response questions.

Which board should I choose?

There is little difference between the content of AQA and Edexcel. If your exam centre can accommodate either, the best strategy is to download some past/specimen exam papers to see if you prefer the style of question of one board over another. The grade boundaries in 2019 were slightly higher for AQA than for Edexcel which suggests that AQA was a slightly easier paper in 2019 but this can change year to year.

At the time of writing (Sept 2020), there seems to be more textbook resources available for Edexcel but distance learning providers are available for both AQA and Edexcel. Both boards have a textbook but there are more revision resources for Edexcel.


There are a variety of textbooks available. Many old textbooks and those from past specifications may still be useful, as the nature of statistics does not change greatly over time (calculations, graphs etc stay the same). Old textbooks may not cover the entire new syllabus, but can be supplemented with other books and information easily available online.

The endorsed textbook for Edexcel is: Edexcel GCSE Statistics 9-1 (ISBN-13 : 978-1292190310)

The endorsed textbook for AQA is: AQA GCSE Statistics 9-1 (ISBN-13 : 978-1912820023)

Tutors, courses and other resources

Home Made Education: - specialist distance learning courses provided by a home educator. Supporting the AQA Statistics syllabus. Courses available in an online or printed format. Highly recommended by fellow home educators.

Absolute Maths – distance learning course with live or recorded lessons supporting either the AQA or Edexcel Statistics Syllabus. Full tutor support included. Highly recommended by home educators.

There is also a Facebook group you can join for ideas, resources and support: FB group link

Maths Genie a free online Maths site has a small section for the Edexcel Statistics GCSE, it includes past papers, mark scheme and some topic based questions with solutions (divided into topics just for GCSE statistics and crossover topics with Edexcel Maths syllabus). https://www.mathsgenie.co.uk/statistics.html