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Welcome to the Home Education Exams Wiki, a site about qualifications for home-educated students.

This site is written by home educators for home educators. The aim is to support home educators at all stages of their journey through the exams maze. Whether you are completely new and wondering where to start, or more experienced and wanting resource links or revision ideas, we hope you will find what you need here. Please use the search function if you can't find what you need.

The site relies on experienced home educators contributing their knowledge. If you have something to add or spot something that needs fixing please contribute to the site - if you are not sure how, ask on the Home Education UK Exams and Alternatives Facebook Group and we'll help.

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New to Home Education or Exams?[]


If you are new to home education or exams there is a lot to get your head around.

Our Jargon Buster and Frequently Asked Questions will help deal with the 'where do I start?' panic.

While you do your research we've put together a useful page of home education resources to draw on while you find your feet

Arranging and Sitting Exams[]

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If you are happy you have the basics and are ready to get started then have a look at our Quick Start Guide

The Arranging and Sitting Exams page will walk you through the process.

Our IGCSEs, Exam Boards, and regional pages for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland (if relevant) are important for understanding the practical issues to consider.

Decide which subjects your child would like to sit - make sure you are aware of any practical components to the exams. Contact exam centres and find out if they can offer the subjects you want and if so which exam boards they can offer. If your child may need access arrangements to support them through exams; enquire about these in plenty of time.

When you know what your options are you can decide what and how to study - see our guide below.

When you are ready to enter for exams our making entries and sitting exams page will offer advice and support. Wondering what to take and what will happen 'on the day'? - check out our Exam Day page. Finally don't forget Results Day!

Studying for Exams[]

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Many people study successfully for exams without using courses. However, if you are looking for Distance Learning Providers, you will find a list and advice on choosing one on our Distance Learning Providers page. Do a search on the Home Education UK Exams and Alternatives Facebook Group for comments about providers and to ask for recommendations.

If you plan on studying independently, the subject pages have links to resources. You will also find the study skills page useful.

Some colleges provide opportunities for 14-16 year olds to study and sit qualifications.

Ready for revision? Find some revision hints and tips here.

Looking for past papers to practice on or confused by the labelling of papers? Check the past papers page.

Alternative Qualifications[]

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Not sure if GCSEs/IGCSEs are the right route? Explore our Alternative Qualifications page for advice and suggestions.

This link will take you directly to information on Functional Skills qualifications.

Vocational courses can be difficult to access as a home educator owing to ongoing assessments, 14-16 year old college schemes might provide an alternative path. Do be aware 14-16 schemes are not an option at all colleges. Provision will vary hugely depending on locality.

Post 16 Options[]

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Our Post 16 Options page is there for the 'what happens next' questions.

There is advice on starting college on the main Post 16 Options page and you may find the IGCSEs and 16-19 College Funding page helpful.

Find information on post 16 qualifications including A levels, T-Levels and EPQs. We also have pages on Adult Education and the Open University for those looking at more alternative routes.

For employment options we have a page on Apprenticeships and links to Careers advice.

Looking to continue home education post 16? You'll find advice on the main Post 16 Options page and A-levels page. We also have advice on applying to University from home education.