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Edexcel/Pearson IGCSE in Global Citizenship

This was quite a popular exam for home educators to take until Edexcel dropped it from its list of available exams for UK exam centres. However, it is now back!

From the Edexcel site:

'Assessment: 100% external assessment.

Approach: a foundation for students wishing to progress to further study of humanities subjects, such as those which touch upon politics, economics or relate to global development.

• Assessment is in the June examination series.

• Themes relate to possible citizenship action projects which can be undertaken.

• Contexts and settings will be those that students are likely to encounter, for example in society, employment and their own community.

• Culturally sensitive themes are used throughout to build on knowledge and widen understanding of global and local issues affecting communities and societies.'

There is a community project which must be undertaken and the exam centre has to ensure that it has been, prior to sitting the exam. There is one 2 1/2 hour exam paper.

This is the specification.

For support and more information, join the Environmental Management, Development Studies and Citizenship for Home Ed group on Facebook.