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Covid-19 has disrupted exam series and home educators have come out quite badly. However, Government and Awarding Organisations have responded to the criticisms and have engaged in discussion following 2020 and the situation has improved. Many home educators have acheived grades and sat exams over the last year. Many have done so without using tutors.

The important things are:

  • Keep yourself informed. The information is available publically on JCQ, Ofqual, and awarding organisations websites. Follow the HE Exams and Alternatives Group (the most important recent updates should be in featured). You may also want to follow the Home Educators' Qualifications Association. Read the pages on here, although as a volunteer run site keep in mind they may not have the most recent updates (keeping up is like painting the Forth Bridge)
  • Make sure you are aware that there are different approaches depending on which qualifications you are sitting. Ofqual regulates GCSEs and A Levels in England, most Government announcements you see and most press coverage relates to these qualifications. GCSEs and A Levels regulated else where in the UK, WJEC in Wales and CCEA in NI, will have different approaches. International GCSEs are not regulated and are therefore free to set their own approaches. This will differ depending on whether you are using Cambridge (CAIE) or Pearson Edexcel. Remember that IGCSEs are international qualifications - the UK is only part of their market - this will shape their decision making.
  • Find an exam centre, work with them. Exam centres have been the ones who are responsible for setting policies on gathering evidence when exams have been cancelled. Do not pay out for marking/assessments without knowing what your exam centre will accept (and be aware they might not have the answers). Be respectful of exam centre staff. It has been a hard couple of years and many centres have stopped taking PCs, in some cases because of the behaviour of home educators.
  • Be aware that the rules and guidance have changed every year. Contingency plans for 2022 have differences to what happened in 2021, particularly for IGCSEs.

For more information for 2022 see;

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For information on previous series see:

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