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There has been a GCSE in Biblical Hebrew available from OCR for some time. In the recent overhaul of GCSEs the exam was withdrawn by OCR. The exam has now been taken up by Edexcel and the first exam was available in 2020. Don't be put off by the sound of Biblical Hebrew - it is not a very difficult language to learn and the exam looks accessible if you have reached the required language standard.

Edexcel GCSE Biblical Hebrew

Edexcel GCSE Biblical Hebrew page and specification

  • Exams from: June 2020
  • Available in June
  • Specification code: 1BH0

Subject Content

The course content is split into two components

  • Language
    • read and understand unseen passages of Biblical Hebrew
    • translate text from these passages into English.
    • Optional section: show understanding of grammatical structures of Biblical Hebrew or translate simple sentences from English into pointed (vocalised) Biblical Hebrew.
  • Literature - students need to study 2 set texts
    • The set texts for the examinations in 2020–2022 are:
      • Set text 1: Joshua – The wars of Joshua - Chapter 6, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10: verses 1–28
      • Set text 2: I Kings – The reign of Ahab - Chapter 18, Chapter 20, Chapter 21: verses 1–25
    • The set text for the examinations in 2023–2025 are:
      • Set text 1: Judges – Gideon and Abimelech - Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9
      • Set text 2: I Kings – The reign of Solomon - Chapter 2. Chapter 3, Chapter 5


100% exam based.

  • Paper 1 - Language - 2 hrs - 100 marks - 50%
    • The question paper consists of two sections:
      • Section A - Comprehension, includes optional questions
      • Section B.- Translation
    • Students will be provided with a Source Booklet containing unseen passages from the Hebrew Bible (these will not be taken from the set texts from Component 2). T
    • Covers Language component
  • Paper 2 - Literature - 2 hrs - 100 marks - 50%
    • The question paper consists of three sections:
      • Section A and B - Students answer questions and complete a translation on set text 1 (Section A) and set text 2 (section B)
      • Section C - students will need to compare and contrast ideas from across both texts
    • Students must answer all questions.
    • Students will be provided with a Source Booklet containing five passages from each of the two set texts.
    • Covers Literature component


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The Teaching and Learning materials on the specification page have exemplars and a getting started guides which which is really useful for understanding how the exam questions are marked.

Past papers can be accessed through the specification page or here.

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